His name is Gene Lukas, captain of the alliance craft Enduring Freedom. He sits tirelessly in his captain’s seat with stern brows, a stoic demeanor, hands clasped in front of his face, and lost in deep thought. He allows no sounds to distract him and no sight to steer his attention. He’s in his first combat command in the Galactic War on Tyranny. He thinks back to the destruction of the twin planets of Owers and the start of the war.

He has encountered a determined enemy, the Idical E’lums, and is hopeful to follow in the successful footsteps of his grandfather and father as a captain. Captain Lukas has lead his squadron to the depths of space at the orders of his fleet commander, Admiral Hawk. Lukas’s squadron has reached striking distance of the E’lums front line armada. The lead warship of the E’lums fleet is an R-class carrier equipped with dozens of fast moving fighter crafts, and is heavily armed with plasma cannons.

Every detail of the carrier is scrutinized by Captain Lukas. He knows to be successful the enemy’s capabilities, limits, and determination must be known. He is reminded of a visit to his grandfather’s ship the impressive Overlord. His grandfather was a revered captain and commanded the Overlord into enemy occupied space to help liberate several occupied planets during the second War of Worlds. His grandfather advised him “In order to lead the way into victory a captain must be willing to sacrifice fear and become fearless. He must be decisive, confident, and know that he is acting with valor.”

His grandfather’s wise words echoed in his mind and confidence grew within him. He continued on into deeper thought what would be his attack plan, how would the E’lums react, and how would he counter. He shifted to a memory of his father, a captain in his own right. Lukas’ father was the captain of the infamous Kee Sun, at the time the most deadly ship in the alliance fleet.

The Kee Sun obtained its reputation as being one of the deadliest crafts in alliance history during the Enam War. Lukas’s father had lead his squadron through numerous engagements in the war and racked up an insurmountable amount of casualties on the enemy side. His father once confessed, “The key is courage, if you don’t have it, can’t muster it, unwilling to obtain it, or too scared to display it, then you’ll lose against the enemy. Even when I wasn’t confident about my decisions I found the courage to close in and take the fight to the enemy. Someday you will command your own ship and be called captain!

Captain Lukas allowed his father’s words to echo in his mind. His focus became clear, his posture began to ease in his captain’s chairs, his hands fell to his side, his sight gazed upon the display monitors in front of him, and an eerie sound screeched into his ears.

“Captainnnn!!! Captainnnnn!!” a woman shouted in his ear. “Your orders sir!”

Lukas gazed over to his left and observed a tall slender woman’s mouth inches from his face screaming out the words “Captainnnn, your orders, what are your orders sir?”

“Captain, we just lost four more fighters and the squadron down to three movers!” yelled a green bulbous looking creature on one of the display monitors in front of him. “Captain, your orders please sir. We are under heavy attack what would you like us to do about it Sir?”

Captain Lukas looked around him and saw people and creature like people scrambling around him, overhead were loud horns ringing about the deck, the ship jolted to and fro, and several colored warning lights flashed in unison.

“Captain, we have a heavy breach on the port side of the ship and will not be able to sustain any further damage without hull compromise.” Yelled a disfigured male on another display monitor in front of him.

“Sir, you need to give an order, are we to attack or disengage captain?” the slender woman yelled at him.

Captain Lukas cleared his throat, “Um…I…err..Umm…I….I” He was at a loss for words. He began to slump in his chair, sweat profusely, and grab at his uniform with a nervous twitch. “Ram them!” he said.

“Excuse me sir?!” exclaimed the woman. “Did you just order us to ram them sir?” The deck  was silent, the faces in the display monitors stared blankly at the captain. All personnel on the deck stopped moving and began murmuring.

“Did he say ram?”

“I think that’s what I heard.”

“No, couldn’t be what he said”

“With all due respect sir, do you wish to rescind that order?”

Lukas paused briefly before responding. He looked around and gazed upon several blank stares looking back at him. He thought for a moment and decided his order was decisive and courageous.

“Those are my orders lieutenant!” he shouted.

A star carrier stood off in the distance. At its command was Admiral Hawk a hardened veteran of several space wars. He oversaw the fleet’s engagement in the war and positioned squadrons in a strategic manner to overcome the enemy. As he stared off into the depths of space from his command deck he observed a glimmer of light exploding in the darkness.

“Commander.” Admiral Hawk stated.

“Yes, admiral?” A young, but wearied eye woman responded.

“That out there, what was that? He asked.

The female commander pulled up a display hologram and focused in on the section of the fleet where the explosion emitted from.

“Sir, it would appear that we lost the Enduring Freedom commanded by Captain Lukas. It seems he ordered a kamikaze maneuver against the enemy.” The woman replied.

“That ship was part of the cannon fodder correct?” the admiral inquired.

“Uh, Yes sir it was” the commander replied back.

“Very well. The ship and its captain have served their purpose. Hmm…that apple certainly fell far from the tree!” the admiral sneered.


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