Flash Fiction – It’s X meet Y the Horror Edition Ver 2.

The X-Orcist

Father Damien Karras sits tirelessly at a picnic table thumbing through his worn black leather bound bible. He is an aged man of 40 years with dark wavy hair, thick dark brows, a stern face, and a commanding posture. He is draped in all black from shirt, pants, belt, and a long trench coat. The only bright spot of Father Karras’ wardrobe is a priest collar which clings tightly around his neck. He flips patiently through his bible searching for words that will end his grief. His eyes move quickly from left to right as his fingers rapidly turn from page to page.

Father Karras reads through numerous bible verses and looks for new meaning in old words. His page turning pace increases as his frustration rises. Each gold laced page he turns to seems to take him further from the answers he seeks. The wind begins to blow heavily against his hair and suddenly the wind drifts downward to the pages of his bible. Father Karras’ fingers fight against the wind to keep his place in his bible. His frustration gets the better of him and he gives up fighting the wind and slams the bible shut. He raises his hands to his head and stares blankly at the closed bible in front of him.

He begins to become overwhelmed with grief. His grief stems from the recent passing of his beloved mother. He has begun to question his faith, belief in god, and chosen path in life. Father Karras sits alone and uncertain if his life in the priesthood should be continued. He continues to stare blankly at his bible as his eyes water and his thoughts ramble. He brings his left hand to his face and wipes the tears from his eyes. He realizes that his grief and thoughts must be placed aside for the moment for he has another purpose for being at the park.

He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a purple silk handkerchief, blows his nose, and wipes away the remaining tears from his eyes. He begins to compose himself for his expected meeting with an old friend. Father Karras looks down briefly at his bible and realizes that the wind has blown opened the book. He stares at the open page of the bible and begins to read from it.

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” He says. “John 14:27.” he continues.

He closes the bible and sits contemplating about the meaning of the verse he read. His thoughts are interrupted by a familiar and friendly voice.

“Damien, it has been a long time old friend.” States an approaching voice.

“Charles, it has been too long” Father Karras replies.

Charles Xavier is a man nearly the same age as Father Karras, though bald, with a round face, frail body, and bound to a wheel chair. Xavier is dressed in a tweed brown suit, with a green knit sweater, and expensive looking wing tip shoes. He is seated in a silver metallic wheel chair being pushed by a twenty something younger gentleman with short cropped brown hair wearing a dark blue two piece suit, and bright ruby colored sunglasses.

Father Karras stands from his picnic table and extends his right hand down to Xavier.

“Scott if you don’t mind I’d like to speak to Father Karras alone.” Xaiver says looking up to the young twenty something male.

“Of course professor. I’ll be standing by at the limo.” The young man replies.

“Professor Xavier?” Father Karras asks. “Do you ever get use to the title Charles?”

“No more than I suspect you have gotten use to being called Father Karras Damien.”  Xavier responds.

“Indeed, though I don’t know how long I’ll retain that title.” Father Karras states.

“Please, sit Damien. You’ve traveled quite a ways to New York. You said you had a matter of urgency to speak of.” Xavier states.

Father Karras takes a seat at the picnic table and reaches out for his bible. He begins to tap his finger on his bible and takes a deep breath before responding to Xavier.

“Charles, I cannot begin to understand what it is you do, or what you’ve been involved in. What I can say is that you recognize a need to do what it is you do. These past few years, if the stories I’ve heard about are true, you have endured a lot. You have faced true evil in the form of villainy, prejudice, and racism. Especially, in these trying times with the civil rights movement in the past decade and the continued conflict in Vietnam. You have recognized something in humanity that I have been struggling to understand.” Father Karras states.

Father Karras looks down and taps on his bible.

“I need your help Charles in helping another understand.”

“Damien, I can assure you that much of what you have heard is greatly exaggerated.” Xavier states.

“Come Charles. Unbeknownst to you the Catholic Church has kept extensive documentation on your school and students. I’ve seen the records dating all the way back to 1963. However, the church does not want to officially recognize what has been occurring for fear of fracturing the congregation who will seek to question God’s hands in the matter. I’ve been questioning God’s hands in man’s affair recently myself.” Father Karras continues. “Charles the help I seek from you is not on behalf of the church nor myself. No, the help I seek is for a young 12 year old girl named Regan MacNeil.”

“What sort of help are you seeking for the young girl Damien?” Xavier inquires.

“To help her and her mother understand what the girl is going through. She is displaying abnormal abilities that I believe you can explain Charles. Regan has been to numerous physicians, doctors, and specialists. All have concluded that the girl is fine and in perfect health. I have started seeing the child as a psychiatrist. I’ve seen her do incredible things Charles. She has incredible strength for a child of her age and size. She can move objects with what seem like her mind.” Father Karras states.

“Hmm, you say she is just 12 years of age?” Xavier asks.

“Yes, her mother is at her wits end and is trying to figure out what if anything is wrong with her daughter. Charles you have experience with children with these incredible gifted powers. I have read some of your thesis papers in scientific and medical journal on genetic and evolutionary mutation. I fear if I were to get the church involved it would seek to exorcise the child fearing she is simply possessed.” Father Karras continues. “Charles, I believe Regan is one of the evolved or mutants you wrote about. People with extraordinary powers who can do extraordinary things many folks just don’t understand. I believe with the right guidance Charles the young girl can learn to use her powers for good and perhaps help in your cause.”

Charles places his hand together and gives a momentary pause before responding to Father Karras.

“Damien, I certainly feel that your concerns for the child are genuine. I am limited to what aid I can give the girl, but if she were to come to my school I would be better suited to help. Would the young girl’s mother be willing to bring her to my institute?” Xavier asks.

“I have already spoken to the young girl’s mother about just such a possibility. She is very open to the idea of allowing Regan to relocate temporarily while she completes filming in D.C.” Father Karras replies.

“Then it is settled. I will send my private jet to pick up the girl tomorrow and have her flown to my private institute in upstate New York.” Xavier explains.

“Thank you Charles.” Father Karras replies.

“I’m glad to help my friend.” Xavier states. “Excuse me, I am sorry Damien. I don’t’ mean to intrude in your affairs, but I sense something else is deeply troubling you.” He adds.

“Charles, really I don’t wish to trouble you with my problems. “ Father Karras responds.

Charles briefly nods at Father Karras as the young twenty something male approaches.

“Fair enough Damien.” Xavier says as he leans forward to Father Karras. “A simple advice to you my old friend. Matthew chapter 5 verse 4.” Xavier whispers to Father Karras. Xavier is then wheeled away by the twenty something young man.

Father Karras sits and contemplates Xavier’s statement as he watches his friend being wheeled away across the park.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” Father Karras mutters to himself.

He stands up and looks out across the park toward Xavier who has been wheeled away some distance. Father Karras picks up his bible from the picnic table and begins to walk way.

“It’s as if you were some sort of mind reader Charles.” Father Karras mutters to himself. He walks across the park clenching his coat and shielding himself against the heavy wind.

Regan MacNeil sits quietly in the back seat of a stretch limousine with a giddy curiosity on her face. She is a young girl of twelve years with long brown hair, rosy cheeks, brown eyes, a gentle smile, dressed in a beautiful teal dress, and wrapped in a heavy white cotton coat. Several minutes ago Regan found herself on board a private jet which flew her from Washington D.C. to New York.  Now, she finds herself seated comfortably in the back of a luxury limousine on her way down an isolated roadway.

Regan stares outside the limo window and admires the beautiful autumn day. She wonders about the man Father Karras told her about, a Professor Charles Xavier. Father Karras told her that Professor Xavier would be able to help her in ways doctors could not. Regan observes the limo turn up a hilly road toward a large mansion in the distance.

“Graymalkin Lane.” She states to herself.

The limo stops in front of a large iron gate emblazoned with a giant letter X. Adjacent to the gate is a tall cobblestone wall extending out as far as the eye can see. Affixed to the wall is bronze plaque.

“Xavier’s School for the Gifted Youngsters.” Regan reads aloud.

The limo continues through the large iron gates toward a green hedged round-a-bout. The vehicle stops in front of the entrance to the mansion she previously saw from a distance. The door to the limo opens and a young black female peers her head inside. The woman has smooth ebony skin, white long flowing hair, stunning blue eyes, and a soft voice.

“Regan, my name is Ororo Monroe. Please gather your belongings child and come with me.” The woman says.

Regan grabs her brown nap sack and steps outside of the limo. She notices that the woman is taller than she is expected and is dressed in an elegant black and white flowing gown. The limo driver places Regan’s luggage by her feet and tips his hat toward the two ladies.

“I love your name Ms. Monroe.” Regan tells the woman.

“Thank you child. You can call me Ororo. Like you I am a student of Professor Xavier. Although I have been at study with the professor for quite some time.” Ororo states.

“Student?” Regan inquires. “What do you study here?”

“The control of the gifts we have been given.” Ororo informs Regan.

“Gifted Youngsters, is that what I am?” Regan asks. “You mean the professor will help control what is happening with me?”

“Well, child, Professor Xavier will help you learn what your gifts are and how to use them.” Ororo continues.

The two walk inside the mansion and are quickly greeted by Professor Charles Xavier and his twenty something male assistant.

“Welcome Regan. I have heard a great deal about you from Father Karras. I want to introduce you to some of my students here at my school. Xavier extends his right arm out toward the twenty something male. “This is one of my very first students, Scott Summers.”

Scott extends his hand out and shakes Regan’s hand. “It’s nice to meet you.” He exclaims.

“Of course you have already been introduced to Ororo.” Xavier adds. “Oh, and here comes another of my very first students, Jean Grey.”

Regan observes a tall, slender, white female walking down a stair case in the foyer. The woman has thick beautiful red hair, green piercing eyes, and a strong elegant face. She is dressed in a long flowing velvet green dress.

“Hello Regan it is a pleasure to meet you and welcome to our wonderful school.” Jean states.

Professor Xavier looks around and then mutters a sentence to Scott. Regan is unable to discern what the statement is, but clearly hears Scott’s response to the professor.

“I’ll check on where he is professor.” Scott tells Xavier.

“Well, Regan. I must admit that you have arrived during our fall break at our school. The majority of our students are on a two week leave as are most of the staff and faculty. I didn’t want you to have to wait to arrive as Father Karras shared some concerns about what has been happening with you. Let me assure you that we will help you in any way we can. I know that these can be trying times. Believe me Regan we have all been where you are.” Xavier states.

“I never thought of the things happening to me as being gifts.” Regan replies.

“Oh, but they are child.” Ororo informs Regan.

“Ororo will you please show Regan up to her room.” Xavier says. “Regan we will begin some preliminary tests later on today after you get some rest.

“Professor I have undergone numerous medical test and the doctors were not able to find anything wrong with me.” Regan remarks.

“Well, Regan rest assure that our test are quite different than what you’ve experienced.” Xavier adds.

Regan picks up her suitcase and follows Ororo up the stair case and into a nearby room. Xavier and Jean watch as Regan and Ororo walk into the bedroom and disappear from sight.

“Jean, Ororo will be leaving soon to pick-up Hank from the airport. I have asked Hank to return early from his leave. Would you mind assisting him with Regan’s preliminary examines when he arrives.” Xavier asks.

“Yes, professor.” Jean replies. She gazes down on Xavier’s face and noticed a confused expression. “Professor is something wrong?” she asks.

Xavier rubs his forehead and replies, “It is odd Jean. I tried to telepathically communicate with Regan, but I was somehow blocked from doing so.”

“Do you think her abilities somehow prevented you from communicating with her telepathically professor?” Jean asks.

“I am unsure Jean.” Xavier responds. He turns his wheelchair around and begins to wheel himself down a long hallway. “I’ll be in my study.” As he continues down the hallway he observes a short, stout, hairy male walking toward his direction. The male is wearing brown leather boots, blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a cowboy straw hat. Xavier notices the male is chewing on a lit cigar.

“You are late Logan.” Xavier tells the male.

“Sorry Chuck. I was catching up on some Zzzz in the garden and lost track of time.” The male tells him.

Xavier frowns at the response. He realizes that although he is comfortable scorning the male as the head authority figure at the school that the man known as Logan doesn’t handle scrutiny well. Logan is one of Xavier’s newest students, but also one, if not, the eldest student Xavier has ever had at the school. He threads softly around the man given Logan’s perchance for violent outburst, but is comfortable enough reminding Logan who runs the place.

“You know my rules on smoking inside the mansion Logan.” Xavier states.

Logan looks down at the lit cigar in his mouth and quickly snatches it out. He wraps his right fingers around the burning cigar and crumbles it in his palm. He pulls his straw hat off and tosses the extinguished pieces of his cigar in his hat. He blows off pieces of cigar debris from his right palm and observes the burnt flesh on his palm instantly heal.

“Last time Professor.” Logan mutters.

“I’ll need Scott and you to prepare the danger room for our newest student. We may have need of it later.” Xavier states.

Logan rolls his eyes as Xavier wheels himself by. Logan walks behind Xavier and begins pushing him down the hallway to his study.

Several hours have passed and Jean finds herself standing in front of the closed door to Professor’s Xavier’s study. She raises her right hand and begins to make a motion to knock on the door.

“You know you are welcomed in Jean.” She hears Xavier state.

Jean opens the study door and observes Xavier hunched over his large desk reading through several medical and scientific journals. Xavier has a puzzled expression on his face and shuffles through numerous papers in several leather binders.

“Professor, I couldn’t help think about what you said earlier today about not being able to communicate with Regan telepathically. I know I am nowhere near the telepath you are, but I tried communicating with just now. I too was unable. It was strange. I felt like my mind was entering a void.” Jean said.

“Where is Regan now Jean?” Xavier asked.

“She was sleeping in her room professor.” Jean replied.

As the two continued to converse a loud child’s scream interrupted them.

“Professor….professor……professor!!!” the voice yelled out.

Xavier turned his eyes toward his study door and then to Jean.

“Regan! Jean go!” he shouts out.

Jean darts out of Xavier’s study and runs quickly down the long hallway. She crosses the empty foyer and ascends the stairway at a rapid pace. She enters into Regan’s room and is shocked by what she observes.

Jean’s eyes become instantly fixed on the large oak bed Regan is lying on. The bed is floating four feet off the ground and swaying erratically up and down. Regan’s body is being violently thrashed against the heavy mattress. Jean’s eyes begin to assess the entire room. She sees the closet door slamming open and shut, dresser drawers closing and opening, numerous books crashing against the wall, and window drapes flapping violently against glass.

“Make it stop…make it stop!” Regan shouts out to Jean. “Aaaahhhh….Jean…make it stop…pleeeeeease!

Jean steps forward to Regan as to pull her from the top of the bed. Suddenly the large oak bed swings quickly around striking Jean on the left side of her body. Jean manages to raise her left arm softening the blow of the bed to her body. She is pushed a couple of feet across the room. Jean regains her footing and makes a second attempt toward Regan. Several objects in the bedroom start flying rapidly toward Jean. She quickly raises both her hands in front of her body and stops the objects from striking her. Jean finds herself in a heavy concentrated state and keeps her hands planted firmly in front of her.

Jean’s unique ability is telekinesis and at the moment she is putting that ability to use. She observes several other objects in the room begin to move rapidly in her direction. She feels a heavy strain to her body, but maintains her composure and prevents the objects from striking her. Regan’s body continues to thrash on top of the bed mattress and Jean is left to hear the child’s cries throughout the ordeal.

Elsewhere in the mansion Scott and Logan are in the middle of several sets of pool in a game room. Logan lifts a brown bottle of Miller Genuine Draft from the edge of the blue velvet pool table and takes a sip.

“Rack’em one eye!” He shouts to Scott. “And try not to scratch on the break this time.”

Scott circles the pool table gathering several pool balls in his hands. He has a frustrated look on his face due to losing two games already to Logan. Scott begins to arrange the pool balls on the table when he suddenly receives a telepathic cry from Jean.

“Scott!” he hears Jean shout into his mind. He tosses the remaining balls in his hands across the pool table and runs out of the game room yelling, “Jean!”

Logan drops his beer bottle on the floor and follows Scott out of the room.

Xavier finds himself at the base of the staircase in the foyer looking up toward Regan’s room. He holds his right hand up to his temple and attempts to telepathically communicate with Jean. Suddenly he hears the footsteps of both Scott and Logan approaching the foyer.

“Professor what’s going on? Where is Jean?” Scott shouts out.

“Something is wrong Scott. Jean says she is under attack in Regan’s room.” Charles replies.

Scott runs up the staircase. Logan scoops Xavier from his wheelchair and carries him up the staircase after Scott. The three men find themselves in front of the door of Regan’s room. Scott notices that the door is violently shaking.

“Jean…Jean” he yells out.

“Scott, I don’t know how much longer I can hold out!” Jean shouts out.

Scott takes a step back and readies himself to kick the door in. He steps forward and suddenly the door stops shaking and opens. All three men rush inside. They find Jean crouched down on the floor looking exhausted. Logan scans the room, but doesn’t notice anything unusual about the room. He sees Regan lying contently on the bed.

“What happened red?” He asks Jean.

“The room…it…it was attacking us.” Jean responds. She looks up and sees that the bedroom is in perfect order. Nothing is out of place and Regan appears sound asleep.

“Professor?!” Jean mutters.

“We heard Regan crying out.” Xavier states. “Jean ran up here and I sensed she was in danger.”

Scott and Logan continue to scan the room and its contents. Logan begins to flare his nostrils sniffing the air in the room.

“Something definitely smells afoul.” Logan growls out. “I don’t think we are alone. Can’t quite make out the scent.” He continues to sniff the air in the room. “Smells like sulfur.”

Logan walks into the center of the room and the ground beneath him jolts violently. Everyone in the room is knocked off their feet. Picture frames on the wall begin to rattle and several books are shaken off the book case. A bright flash is seen and the power to the mansion flickers off.

Logan jumps to his feet and rushes to Xavier’s side. “You alright Chuck?”

“I’m fine Logan.” Xavier states. He pushes his upper body off the ground and brushes himself off. “Scott see if you can get the back-up generator up.”

Scott runs out the room. Logan continues sniffing the air in the room and crosses over the mirrored dresser in the bedroom. He turns his back to the mirror and walks back toward the room’s entrance. Suddenly a dark figure appears in the mirror. The figure is covered in a tattered black robe, its face is pale, disfigured, with blood shot yellow eyes, and displays sharp rotten fangs. The figure cast a blank dead stare toward the occupants of the room and disappears as fast as it appeared. No one in the room noticed the ominous figure’s appearance.

“I’m going to check around the mansion.” Logan says. “You two going to be alright?” he asks.

Xavier and Jean nod yes as Logan exits the room. Jean stands up and walks to Regan who she sees sleeping in the bed.

“She is sound asleep professor. Like nothing happened.”  Jean states.

“What are your thoughts Jean? Do you think Regan is the cause?” Xavier asks.

“She appeared frightened professor. Like someone or something was attacking her. Yet, she doesn’t have any marks on her body. I can’t reach her telepathically, but all indications are she is in a deep sleep state.” Jean responds.

Jean lifts Xavier off the ground and carries him out of the bedroom. She walks down the staircase and places Xavier back into his wheelchair.

“I’m still unable to get into Regan’s mind.” Xavier says.

“A manifestation of her powers you think?” Jean inquires.

“I’m not certain if we are dealing with mutant ability here Jean.” Xavier remarks.

The two are interrupted by a loud flashing sound. The mansion’s back-up lights power on and the inside of the area is illuminated by a red glow from the lights. Jean hears a creaking sound and looks up to the top of the staircase.

“Professor!” she exclaims.

At the top of the stairway Jean and Xavier observe Regan standing quietly staring down at them.

“Regan, are you alright.” Xavier asks.

Regan continues to stare at Jean and Xavier while pulling her hands from underneath her light blue sleeping gown. Her hands and forearms are dripping with blood.

“I’m bleeding.” Regan shrieks out. She reaches down and lifts her gown up over her head exposing her legs, thighs, and genital area. The surface of her lower body is heavily covered in blood which begins to flow downward past her knees and feet onto the floor. Regan raises her hands to her face and faints.

“Jean!” Xavier shouts.

Jean races up the staircase and lifts Regan’s lifeless body off the floor.

“She is unconscious Professor.” Jean states. She looks down toward Xavier and uses her telekinetic ability to lift Xavier’s wheelchair off the ground and bring him to the top of the staircase. She carries Regan back into the bedroom to get some towels to soak the blood off Regan’s body.

Jean enters Regan’s room, but comes to an abrupt stop at the edge of the entrance.

“Professor you need to see this.” Jean states.

Xavier wheels himself into Regan’s room and finds the place in total disarray. The wall paper on the walls are shredded, every book in the room is in tatters, the large mirror on the dresser is cracked, and lamp bases broken. Blood is smeared on every wall in the room and numerous bloody crucifix blood marks adorn the walls. Xavier notices a winged demonic shaped figure affixed to one of the walls. The figure on the wall is slender, with large round eyes, huge wings, a serpent tongue, and gesturing a raised fist with its right arm.

Jean lays Regan on the bed and walks toward the bloody demonic figure on the wall. She begins to feel a deep cold chill come across her body as she approaches the wall. Xavier senses the same cold air as Jean and raises his hands together in front of his face.

“Professor, do you recognize this.” Jean asks as she points to the demonic figure. She notices her breath in the air.

Xavier stares at the wall, but struggles to come up with a response to Jean’s questions. A loud sounding moan cuts through the silent air. Jean and Xavier quickly affix their eyes on Regan who is lying on the bed.

Regan begins to moan louder and louder while scraping her hands across her stomach. She rips apart the bottom portion of her gown exposing her stomach. The moans get louder and louder and turn into deep growls. Regan’s stomach begins to move in an abnormal manner. Xavier notices a set of clawed fingers reaching out from within Regan’s stomach. The fingers push against Regan’s stomach as if wanting to burst out. Regan’s stomach begins to expand, but quickly retracts.

Suddenly, several bloody scratch marks begin to appear across Regan’s stomach. Jean and Xavier lean in toward Regan’s stomach to examine the injuries. The marks begin to take shape into letters.

“No…more…mutants.” Xavier reads on Regan’s stomach.

Xavier looks at Jean who has a frightened look on her face. Regan gives out a loud moan and her body is suddenly jolted up to a seated position. Xavier stares at Regan whose skin has turned pale and scaly. Regan’s eyes roll open and she raises her hands to her mouth.

“Ha.ha..haha..ha..ha!” Regan laughs out.

“Regan.” Xavier states.

“She is not here at the moment Charles.” a deep raspy voice states from Regan’s mouth. “I am.”

“Who are you?” Xavier asks.

“Who, what….I am I am.” The voice states. “Hahahahahahaha!”

“Where is Regan?” Jean asks.

“Here with me.” The voice responds.

“Can I speak with Regan?” Xavier asks.

“Professor…professor.” Regan says.

“Regan, I am here. Don’t worry we will figure this out.” Xavier remarks.

“Figure what out Charles.” The deep raspy voices states. “You want her back Charles? You like them young don’t you Charles. Like her.” Regan’s eyes turn toward Jean. “She is quite the looker Charles. I can see why you’ve desired her all these years. You certainly like them young and innocent.”

Regan licks her hands and lowers them down to her groan area. She begins to vigorously fondle herself. Inserting one hand after the other into her vagina.

“You like them untouched don’t your Charles?” The voice screams out. “Oh, am I ruining her for you Charles, did you want to fuck her Charles?”

Regan continues to thrust one hand after the other inside her vagina until both are dripping with blood. She begins to growl and moan loudly.

“Come on Charles fuck me, fuck me!” the raspy voice cries out. “Oh, wait you can’t.”

“Stop it!” Xavier yells out loudly.

Regan lifts her hands from her groan area and flings her wrists towards Xavier’s face. Blood splatters across his face.

“Now. Charles you can at least have the satisfaction of knowing you got her wet!” the voice quips. “Don’t worry Jean he still wants to get you wet!

“Shut up!” Charles yells out. He closes his eyes and concentrates his telepathic abilities into entering Regan’s mind.

“Tisk, tisk, Charles.” The voices states while waving Regan’s right index finger at Xavier.

Xavier wheels himself over to Regan and grabs ahold of both of her arms tightly.

“Let her go whoever, whatever you are!” he shouts out.

Xavier begins to shake Regan’s upper body violently. Regan leans her head forward and motions her mouth toward Xavier’s head as to bite him. Jean steps forward to Regan’s back to pull her backward onto the bed. As Jean reaches out to Regan’s back she stops after a frightful sight.

Regan’s head begins to turn back from facing Xavier. To any normal person this feat would be impossible let alone deadly. Regan’s head completes a 180 degree rotation and is now fully facing Jean while Regan’s front body is facing Xavier.

“I see you!” the raspy voice tells Jean. Suddenly, Regan extends her mouth wide open, growls, and projectile vomits green thick bile at Jeans face covering her head and upper body in vomit. Jean steps backwards in disgust.

“Jean!” Xavier yells out.

Regan’s head whips back around to face Charles and her eyes meet with his.

“I haven’t forgotten about you Charles.” The voice growls out.

Regan grabs the sides of Xavier’s head and pushes his face violently down toward her groan. She begins rubbing Xavier’s head in her crotch while laughing out loudly.

Jean wipes the vomit off her face and stretches her right arm out toward Regan. Jean uses her telekinetic ability to raise Regan’s hands off of Xavier’s face. Regan turns her eyes on Jean, sticks her tongue out, and wiggles her tongue out in front of her face.

“Jealous!” the voice states.

Xavier pushes himself away from Regan’s bed and wheels himself over next to Jean.

“Jean do your best to hold her. I’ll try to reach into her mind.” Xavier exclaims.

Meanwhile on the lower floor, Logan wonders aimlessly through the mansion continuing to sniff the air. He walks into the kitchen and pauses for a moment. He raises his head and takes in a deep breath of air with his nose.

“You see anything?” Logan asks.

He hears Scott walk up behind him from the shadows.

“No, but I managed to get the back-up lights on.” Scott says.

“Not the best of lighting conditions. Chuck couldn’t spring for any other color than red for back-up lights?” Logan asks. “Can you see in this light?”

“Enough to blast that smirk off your face.” Scott responds.

Unlike the others at the school. Scott is cursed with having to always wear a ruby quarts visor in order to control the optic beam that he can emit from his eyes. The visor limits his vision to hues of red, but allows him to control the optic beam from his eyes.

Logan gestures to Scott to stop walking. “We are not alone.” He mutters.

Logan steps into the center of the kitchen and extends both his arms out to his sides. He balls his fingers into fists and three sharp metallic blades rapidly spring out from each hand. The blades are laced with adamantium steel. Logan doesn’t remember how he came to obtain the claws, but has found them useful in combat situations.

He stops in the center off the kitchen and stares out deep into the shadows. He hears a faint chattering sound coming from the ground tile. The sound resembles human finger nails tapping on the floor. He can now see faint movement in front of him. Suddenly, a young female’s arms extends outward from the shadows onto the ground just feet in front of him. A second arm protrudes out of the shadows which is soon followed by a head, and then a torso.

He examines the figure and notices that the female is contorted and creeping forward to him. The female’s feet and hands are planted on the ground with her stomach arched upward toward the ceiling. The top of the females head is being dragged across the ground floor. The figure lurches forward getting closer to Logan’s feet. Logan recognizes the young female.

“Regan?” Scott yells out.

The female figure stops moving. Her eyes begin to blink rapidly and then her head begins to rotate around. The top of her head begins to move clockwise from the ground and comes to a complete stop when her lower jaw is parallel to the ground. The female opens her mouth and lets out an ear piercing shriek.

“Scott, blast it!” Logan shouts.

Scott steps inches in front of Logan and raises his right hand to his visor. A red beam shoots out of Scott’s visor striking the ground where the female figure stood. The female’s body jumps up in the air and attaches itself to a nearby wall. The female continues to shriek and begins moving across the wall like a spider.

Scott aims his visor on the figure and begins to track her movement against the wall. He lets out another blast from his eyes missing the figure clung to the wall. Now, the female attaches herself to the ceiling and begins crawling across.

Scott takes quick aim at the female and shoot another blast from his visor. Again he misses striking the figure and leaves a large gaping hole on the ceiling exposing the upper levels above. The female crawls upward into the hole and disappears.

Logan turns his head toward Scott. “You need to learn how to aim better bub!” he quips.

Scott and Logan turn around to head back toward Regan’s room when suddenly they are struck by large appliances in the kitchen. Scott is hit in the head with a microwave that came flying at him through the air. He is knocked across the kitchen floor and goes sliding head first into the refrigerator. He is instantly knocked unconscious and his visor comes flying off next to him.

Logan is hit in the stomach by a mini-refrigerator and sent flying upward into the air back into the shadows of the kitchen. Several minutes pass and Scott awakens from being knocked unconscious. He extends his hands out across the ground looking for his visor. He quickly recovers his visor and places it back on his head. He begins looking around the kitchen for Logan.

“Logan.” He shouts out. “Logan, where are you?”

Scott walks toward the center of the kitchen and hears faint rattling noises above him. He gazes up and steps back to what he sees. Logan is hanging off the wall in a crucified positions. Both of Logan’s arms are outstretched to his side and two large knifes are stabbed through his hands onto the wall. His legs are crossed below him with his feet set on top of one another. A large knife is wedged deep into his feet against the wall. Logan’s eyes are missing and his flesh is peeled back exposing his muscle fibers. His intestines have been pulled out and are dangling from his stomach. Scott can see Logan’s healing ability already beginning to regenerate his damaged body.

Scott aims his visor up toward the wall and begins shooting small bursts of his eye beam toward Logan. Scott’s beams strike the large knifes holding Logan up against the wall. Logan falls from the wall onto the floor. Scott rushes to his side and turns Logan from his stomach onto his back. He watches as Logan’s body begins to quickly heal itself. The holes on Logan’s hands and feet begin to close up, his skin begins to reform over his exposed muscles, and his intestines retract back into his stomach. Logan’s eyes start to regenerate and he begins to move.

“It’s about time.” Scott says.

Logan pushes himself away from Scott and stammers to his feet.

“What took you so long?” Logan inquires. “You didn’t stop to take a nap on me Boy Scout did ya?

Scott stands up next to Logan, looks down at him, and begins to utter a word when his thought is suddenly interrupted. “Scott, I need you.” He hears in his head. “Jean and the professor.” He yells to Logan.

Scott and Logan run out of the kitchen and head toward Regan’s room. The two quickly make their way into Regan’s room. Inside they see Jean standing with her back against a wall holding her hands out in front of her face. Xavier is crouched on the floor next to her with a deep concentrated expression on his face. Numerous objects in the room are circling around the air, all the furniture is shaken around, and the windows to the room are violently opening and closing.

Scott observes Regan elevated three feet off her bed with her back heavily arched upward. Regan is shouting out loudly, but he is unable to make out the words she is speaking. Regan’s speech pattern changes in tone and pattern. Her words are angry, but indiscernible. Scott makes his way toward Jean due to her exhausted look. Logan rushes to Xavier’s side and attempts to shield him from flying debris in the room.

“Scott, I don’t know how much longer I can hold her. She is too powerful.” Jean yells out.

“Professor?” Scott shouts out.

“I’m trying to enter her mind, but I am experiencing heavy resistance. Whatever, or whoever is controlling her is fighting me.” Xavier states.

“Let me give it a go!” Logan yells out. He stands up, extends his arms out, and extracts the claws from his hands. Logan steps forward in an attacking posture toward Regan’s floating body.

“No, Logan!” Xavier yells. “You’ll hurt the girl!”

The floor begins to violently shake and the occupants inside do their best to retain their footing. The air is filled with flying objects that Logan begins to claw at rather than allow to hit him or the professor. Scott uses his optic beam to blast objects that come near Jean and him. Jean begins to cry out in pain and is violently pushed against an adjacent wall by an unseen force. Scott rushes to her side.

Regan lets out a violent shriek as the room jolts and then darkens. The lights flicker off and the air temperature drops drastically. The room is silent and the back-up lights turn back on. Everything in the room stops moving and the silence is ended with an eerie laugh.

“Hahahahahaha.” A raspy voice sounds.

All eyes in the room turn toward Regan who is now in a seated position on the bed. The lower half of Regan’s face is covered in her vomit and blood. Her eyes roll from one person to the next giving each of them a deadly stare. She wipes the vomit and blood off her face to expose the scaly rotting skin underneath. She quickly turns her gaze to Jean who is hunched in a corner next to Scott.

“They are all here for you now Jean.” The voice states. “Poor, poor Jean. You couldn’t save the girl. Now you have three that have come to save you. The father…the lover….the desired.”

Regan shifts her eyes from Xavier, to Scott, and Logan. Xavier attempts to telepathically communicate with the entity controlling Regan.

“I am more than you can comprehend. Haven’t I shown you.” The voice states.

“What is it that you want?” Xavier asks.

“What you three all want…what she wants.” The voice says. “Tell them Jean. Tell them what you want. Tell them of your desires.”

The entity’s voice changes and imitates Xavier’s voice.

“Jean, you know that I am here if you ever need me.”

Next, the entity’s voice switches to Scott’s voice.

“I’ll always love you Jean.”

Then, the entity’s voice switches to Logan’s voice.

“Red I’m the only man you’ll ever need.”

“Jean tell them how you feel. Let them in on your fantasies, your lustful thoughts. They are all here all three for you.” The voices says in its raspy growl.

“No, no…shut up…shut up.” Jean yells out.

Regan raises her hands in front of her and moves them across the room. Xavier, Scott, and Logan are lifted off the floor and all three men going flying in different directions across the room. Jean tries to pull the men down to the floor with her telekinetic powers, but is unable to do so. The men are continuously thrown against the walls and are rendered helpless. Scott attempts to shoot his eye beam, but cannot manage to let a blast out. Logan’s claws begin to extract and retract beyond his control. Xavier is left helpless as he is thrown through the air from wall to wall.

“Stop!” Jean shouts.

Regan continues swaying her arms while laughing. Jean runs toward Regan and lifts her out of the bed. The two go flying across the room to a nearby wall. Jean manages to hold onto Regan and begins to shake her vigorously.

“Regan if you can hear me fight it, fight it!” Jean yells

“Hahahahahahah!”  The voice laughs out.

Jean does not let her grasp on Regan slip and continues to fight over physical and mental control of Regan. The two are lifted off the ground again and go flying across the room and crash against another wall. Jean maintains her hold on Regan and lifts her off the ground.

“No more!” Jean yells.

Jean’s voice deepens and a light ember glow begins to emit from her body. The air in the room warms for a brief moment. Xavier, Logan, and Scott fall to the ground from their suspended states. Jean tightens her grip on Regan and then the two are suddenly separated by an unknown force. Regan’s body is thrown against the wall and she lands in a corner next to the bed. Jean’s body is thrown across the room and lands underneath a window. Jean stands up holding her head and cries out. Her eyes are glowing white and her hair begins to rise.

“Jean!” Scott shouts out. He watches as Jean yells out in pain and then as she suddenly jumps out the open window. Scott rises to his feet and runs toward the window. He looks out frantically from the window in search of Jean’s body. He doesn’t see Jean on the ground or anyone near the window. Scott turns his eyes back into the room.

Xavier lifts himself off the ground and is soon met by Logan. The two hear a young girls cries in the corner of the room. Xavier immediately recognizes Regan’s voice.

“Professor, Professor!” Regan cries out.

Regan comes running out from the corner of the room and grabs onto Xavier’s side. Xavier extends his arms out to comfort her. He sees that Regan’s appearance has returned to normal and sends a telepathic communication to her.

“It’s over Regan.” She hears in her head.

Scott turns his head and stares back out of the window. Logan rushes to his side and peers out the window looking for any indication of Jean. The two quickly turn their gaze upon Xavier who is making an attempt to telepathically communicate with Jean.

“Anything Professor?”  Scott inquires.

Xavier pauses for brief moment and looks up toward Scott. He has a frightened look on his face.

“I’m afraid something dark is coming our way.” Xavier remarks.


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